Artwork Requirements

Below is a detailed break down of the type(s) of files and process we require to enable artwork to be set up for your order.

What We Actually Need

Our preferred format for all graphics files are either vector .CDR (Corel) .EPS or Adobe Illustrator .AI files, or ‘Editable PDF’ in Curves. If there is any fine detail in a logo for example, it needs to be able to be recognizable at a size of 6mm high, which is the average height of the engrave for a pen. 

The artwork needs to be a 1 colour BLACK on a white background. 

Text must be converted to outlines or curves. Placed images need to be either embedded or supplied as separate files. 

Other Files.

A lot of people think any PDF file is OK. 90% of the files we receive are poor quality jpg’s saved as PDF. These are not what can work with. We need Original Vector Artwork to achieve the best results for you.
PDF files can be used depending on originating artwork. Any images must be at minimum 300 dpi. We would need to confirm on receipt of files if they are acceptable.
PSD, BMP, TIFF, PNG or JPG files are sometimes possible to use depending on quality and adealy as a 1 colour BLACK image on white. Minimum resolution is 300 dpi and must be saved at least twice the print size.

Outline Thickness.

Minimum line thickness: 0.15ptAnything below that point will not engrave. Hairlines will not be recognised by the engraver.





All fonts must be Embed/Outlined or covert to Curves. Or send us the font with the order. We do not purchasse fonts and if we do, the cost will be invoiced to the purchaser.


All Layers MUST be flattened in one layer.

Facebook or Files saved from “The Internet”

Please do not think a photo / logo sent in messenger will be able to be used for artwork. Facebook (and other social sites) effectively compress image quality to reduce the file sizes and a majority of the time, we cannot use it.
Basically – Any image saved from a website or social site is NO GOOD.

Word Documents 

Word documents, Publisher, Power Point or any other Office based program is not sufficient for finished artwork. The only time these are suitable is if you have text only and it is in a normal common font.

Redraws if Required

We can have our artwork department available to redraw files that are not suitable to work with. Send us an email to and we can advise a price to redraw your artwork into the right format that you will then own. (you will need it again sometime soon!)

Here is a Pantone Colour Guide if you need to find a specific colour. – link to this 

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